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How to Close the Innovation Gap

See the latest article from Coley Brown, CEO VisionMine. Rare is the business leader who would question the importance of innovation, not only to promote growth within the organization, but also to ensure its very survival. Yet, although business leaders have invested significantly in innovation initiatives, a recent Accenture study found that more than half

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Banking Strategies

Open Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Banks seeking to improve their innovation efforts are turning to ‘Open Innovation’ programs that leverage internal talent.BY COLEY BROWN   Faced by competitive challenges from non-bank disruptors such as PayPal, Google and Apple, banks are stepping up their efforts to be more innovative. Many have established innovation teams, for example. A recent Accenture study pointed out, however, that

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Find Innovation through Startups

Struggling to Innovate? Hire Startups to Help.

Big companies still struggle with innovation; their innovation process is “sluggish” even though they depend on innovation for success and even though they are investing heavily in innovation.    According to Coley Brown, VisionMine CEO, in the recent article “Behemoths Struggling to Innovate Hire Small Companies to Help” published recently in BusinessWeek and written by

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Why corporate America needs startups and how yours can benefit

The Uptake Corporations crave the innovative ideas generated by startups—and they’re willing to pay for bottom-line results. Here’s how your upstart startup can find partners in the big leagues.   Corporate America has an innovation problem, and has spent a great deal of time and energy attempting to fix it. Somewhat surprisingly, many of these

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Increasing Innovation Impact in the Enterprise – IM

Another article from VisionMine CEO Coley Brown on how to increase innovation in the enterprise. Why is there such a large gap between the need to innovate and the ability of organizations to actually innovate successfully? Executives tell us that – the problem is not a lack of innovative ideas, but rather an inability to transform

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Global Innovation

Increasing the Impact of Innovation in the Enterprise – PDD

Create a Web Portal: A collaborative web portal allows intrapreneurs to easily identify, join and communicate with other intrapreneurs and thought leaders.

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VisionMine’s Open Innovation Platform in the PBJ

VisionMine’s Open Innovation Portal provides corporations with early access and insights to startup companies and their innovations. This article on VisionMine’s Open Innovation Portal is one in a series of articles by Peter Key of the Philadelphia Business Journal, focusing on interesting technology companies in the region. The profile covers VisionMine’s mission, business model, management,

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VC fund helps enterprise startups

New VC Fund Focuses On New Enterprise Technology

One of the recurring themes for our blog has been the relationship between enterprises and startups.  Truly innovative enterprises are discovering new technologies in early stage companies through Open Innovation programs.  These programs also enable the innovators in the enterprises to interact with entrepreneurs, providing data and industry knowledge to the startups, while teaching the

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bank partnerships with startups

Bank partnerships with startups key in Mobile Wallet wars

  Open Innovation Programs in Banks One more case where Open Innovation programs featuring the relationship between enterprises and the technologies to be found in early stage companies are critical to the future… While banking experts agree that mobile wallets will eventually take hold, the Fed reports in a recent article that the successful mobile

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Innovation Driven by the Individual; supported by the organization

The Ministers of Magic- Innovation is driven by the individual and supported by the organization

One universal truth can clearly be seen about innovation in universities, startups, and corporations – innovation is driven by the individual and supported by the corporation. Identify the Individuals who Drive Innovation In Jeffrey Babin’s article published in the Wharton Entrepreneurship blog, he makes the case that it is extremely important to identify those key

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