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VisionMine’s Open Innovation Platform in the PBJ

VisionMine’s Open Innovation Portal provides corporations with early access and insights to startup companies and their innovations. This article on VisionMine’s Open Innovation Portal is one in a series of articles by Peter Key of the Philadelphia Business Journal, focusing on interesting technology companies in the region. The profile covers VisionMine’s mission, business model, management,

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VC fund helps enterprise startups

New VC Fund Focuses On New Enterprise Technology

One of the recurring themes for our blog has been the relationship between enterprises and startups.  Truly innovative enterprises are discovering new technologies in early stage companies through Open Innovation programs.  These programs also enable the innovators in the enterprises to interact with entrepreneurs, providing data and industry knowledge to the startups, while teaching the

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bank partnerships with startups

Bank partnerships with startups key in Mobile Wallet wars

  Open Innovation Programs in Banks One more case where Open Innovation programs featuring the relationship between enterprises and the technologies to be found in early stage companies are critical to the future… While banking experts agree that mobile wallets will eventually take hold, the Fed reports in a recent article that the successful mobile

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Innovation Driven by the Individual; supported by the organization

The Ministers of Magic- Innovation is driven by the individual and supported by the organization

One universal truth can clearly be seen about innovation in universities, startups, and corporations – innovation is driven by the individual and supported by the corporation. Identify the Individuals who Drive Innovation In Jeffrey Babin’s article published in the Wharton Entrepreneurship blog, he makes the case that it is extremely important to identify those key

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What Startups Need to Understand About The Booming Corporate Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

What Startups Need to Understand about the booming corporate entrepreneurship system

As we talk to the Innovation Leaders at many companies worldwide, we are hearing about many different ways that enterprises interact with entrepreneurs, and the many different goals for interacting with them.             This article, from Forbes Magazine, and reposted in Innovation America, does a great job of describing the

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A New Funding Model for Corporate America

What’s a line manager with a great idea to do? They go through the corporate budget process, which takes time, and runs on a very specific timeline, and if they get told not this year, it can take another year before it gets considered. So while we at VisionMine strongly suggest having innovation budgets and

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Why Innovators Get Better with Age

When most people think about innovators, an image of a young person toiling away in their garage or dorm room comes to mind.  But in fact, innovation comes from those much older.  For example, the average age of discovery of Nobel Prize winners is 38, and even more interestingly, it can take 20 more years

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Corporations Courting Startups

Just as venture capital money has dramatically changed its flow from consumer-facing startups to startups focusing on the enterprise, it is no surprise that many startups are changing their focus to the enterprise.  And while it is still not easy for startups to sell to the enterprise, and even harder to successfully implement solutions given

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Open Innovation – How Open Should You Be?

I found the following article interesting, because when I talk to innovation executives about their Open Innovation strategy, we always end up talking about how open should they be…. Should they openly post challenges?  Post Challenges in a private place?  Don”t post challenges, but encourage people to send in ideas?  If they post their challenges,

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Try Before You Buy – The Evolving Enterprise Sales Model

More and more, large enterprises are switching from huge licenses and major implementations to experimenting with try before you buy SAAS software.  How big is that change and what is the implication for the big software companies?  Read more.    

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