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Overcoming the Structural Barriers to Open Innovation

Excellent article describing the critical barriers to Open Innovation, and the specific tactics and organizational structural requirements to overcome the barriers.  Read the article.

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Tips for Startups Hoping to Engage with Large Corporations

For corporations, startups provide access to interesting technologies, and can help drive innovation in the large organization.  For startups, having a large corporation on the customer list can be the tipping point. Last week, VisionMine’s co-founder, Coley Brown, participated on a panel discussing how startups can work with large corporations.  Four tips are shared in this article.

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Start-Ups Emerge as Tech Vendors of Choice

By BEN WORTHEN Businesses are getting more comfortable buying technology from start-ups and other small outfits, a shift that could usher in a period of slower growth for tech giants such as Hewlett-Packard Co. HPQ +0.49% and Oracle Corp. DELL -0.85% Businesses are increasingly turning to start-ups and other small companies for new technology, in a shift

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MasterCard works with emerging companies to innovate

In the words of Tom Still, President of the Wisconsin Technology Council, “Somewhere along the evolutionary path from startups to mature businesses, many companies stop innovating.” Large companies such as MasterCard can innovate by making it a part of the internal culture and recognizing that great ideas also come from outside. “For executives who want

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