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How to Close the Innovation Gap

See the latest article from Coley Brown, CEO VisionMine. Rare is the business leader who would question the importance of innovation, not only to promote growth within the organization, but also to ensure its very survival. Yet, although business leaders have invested significantly in innovation initiatives, a recent Accenture study found that more than half

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Why corporate America needs startups and how yours can benefit

The Uptake Corporations crave the innovative ideas generated by startups—and they’re willing to pay for bottom-line results. Here’s how your upstart startup can find partners in the big leagues.   Corporate America has an innovation problem, and has spent a great deal of time and energy attempting to fix it. Somewhat surprisingly, many of these

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bank partnerships with startups

Bank partnerships with startups key in Mobile Wallet wars

  Open Innovation Programs in Banks One more case where Open Innovation programs featuring the relationship between enterprises and the technologies to be found in early stage companies are critical to the future… While banking experts agree that mobile wallets will eventually take hold, the Fed reports in a recent article that the successful mobile

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Corporations Courting Startups

Just as venture capital money has dramatically changed its flow from consumer-facing startups to startups focusing on the enterprise, it is no surprise that many startups are changing their focus to the enterprise.  And while it is still not easy for startups to sell to the enterprise, and even harder to successfully implement solutions given

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Try Before You Buy – The Evolving Enterprise Sales Model

More and more, large enterprises are switching from huge licenses and major implementations to experimenting with try before you buy SAAS software.  How big is that change and what is the implication for the big software companies?  Read more.    

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Tips for Startups Hoping to Engage with Large Corporations

For corporations, startups provide access to interesting technologies, and can help drive innovation in the large organization.  For startups, having a large corporation on the customer list can be the tipping point. Last week, VisionMine’s co-founder, Coley Brown, participated on a panel discussing how startups can work with large corporations.  Four tips are shared in this article.

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Start-Ups Emerge as Tech Vendors of Choice

By BEN WORTHEN Businesses are getting more comfortable buying technology from start-ups and other small outfits, a shift that could usher in a period of slower growth for tech giants such as Hewlett-Packard Co. HPQ +0.49% and Oracle Corp. DELL -0.85% Businesses are increasingly turning to start-ups and other small companies for new technology, in a shift

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Enterprise Sales and the Dropbox Myth

Consumer-focused tech companies are pivoting to enterprise sales as a backup strategy, based on the myth of Dropbox  being brought into corporate organizations by happy consumers.  In fact, this pivot can be very difficult – it requires the ability to sell to the CIO and the Procurement Officer to close the deal, and it requires

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