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VisionMine Innovation platform incubates corporate entrepreneurship in the organization through its process of  discovery, screening and lean implementation of innovations.


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Entrepreneurship is a requirement for any innovation program to succeed. Successful Entrepreneurs endure real results by thinking out of the box, being willing to experiment, and being able to quickly pivot went adjustments are needed. These entrepreneurship skills are the foundation of an innovation team that delivers results. that solve real business challenges The VisionMine Open Innovation platform has been designed to attract entrepreneurship individuals and empower them with startup innovations and mentors.  The program cultivates their skills and is a force multiplier that builds a culture of innovation ans change.

The Open Innovation platform is configured to match the stages of your organizations innovation pipeline. The pipeline process begins with innovation postings that can originate from three sources:

  • Proactive searches by VisionMine experts
  • Internal innovation suggestions
  • Open Innovation submissions to publicly posted challenges
  • The results from these three sources are matched as solutions to business challenges defined by your innovation team. Each stage of the pipeline qualification process is aligned with your innovation teams process model and milestones. Example process stages are; Screening, Under Review, Suspected Solution, Due Diligence, Negotiation, Trial, And In Production.

    Through out the process steps for an innovation to move along your pipeline, your entrepreneur team members rate, review and comment on suspected solutions and ideas. These ratings and reviews are interpreted by a configurable workflow that alerts team members by email of new events and changes in status. The workflow can also be used to automatically promote innovations when average rating levels are met or specific team member interests are posted.

    View our our white paper to learn how VisionMine incubates entrepreneurship in the enterprise:

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    The portal is offered as a quarterly subscription service that is accessable from all parts of a global organization. The subscription is delivered through a software as a service [SaaS] web site that requires no hardware or software to install.

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