Innovation Management that produces bottom line results

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VisionMine Innovation Management delivers measurable results to your innovation strategy. The configurable workflow and automated alerts monitor your innovation progress solving real business challenges




Innovation Management is critical to delivering innovation results. VisionMine effectively screens innovation opportunities and then leverages successful proof-of-concepts into measurable results. These innovation successes multiply across the organization incubating new opportunities.

Challenges that have been solved by VisionMine’s Innovation Portal include solutions to; agile development, integrating social networking,  enhancing the customer experience, and opening internet APIs to develop new partner channels.

The VisionMine is sold as a quarterly subscription service. The service provides a proactive Open Innovation discovery process that is delivered through an internet cloud platform. The combination provides your organization with early access to new ideas, technologies, and innovations relevant to your business challenges. Your innovation team members receive automated workflow alerts that contain detailed information on qualified innovation opportunities. Your teams resulting feedback and comments form the basis for an “interest score” that drives a configurable workflow process. The workflow is setup to meet your organizations pipeline screening and escalation guidelines. All this is monitored through a real-time executive reported system.


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