VisionMine’s Open Innovation Process

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VisionMine employs a multi-stage screening and review process to help your company find the right match between your business challenges and solutions from startup innovators. This eight-step process is shown to the right.

multi-stage screening and review process
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VisionMine is an Open Innovation discovery and innovation management platform.  It includes a collaborative web portal used by your team to evaluate and match your corporate business challenges with innovative solutions we find at startups. VisionMine also provides professional services that help uncover new business challenges as well as services that help large companies engage in effective trials with early stage companies.

The VisionMine team has extensive experience in the VC and angel investing world. This foundation facilitates our discovery and screening process for innovations from early startups with emerging technologies. Our process matches these open innovations with your business challenges through our collaborative web portal. We begin the VisionMine engagement by helping you select a cross-functional team of reviewers who evaluate screened early-stage opportunities and innovations. We work closely with this team to guide them through our process to deliver real, bottom line results.

Once an innovation and its concepts have been validated and tested by the business, technology, and operations members; the suspected solution can be easily implemented. If successful, it is also quickly expanded to groups and divisions who have expressed an interest early in the process. This success is reported in regular status reports that further encourage and endorse innovative thinking.

Throughout this process the VisionMine team refines and adjusts the screening and evaluation criteria for selecting and matching innovations with your organization’s needs and evolving objectives.


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