Open Innovation Provides Early Access to New Ideas

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VisionMine’s Open Innovation Portal draws its sources from seed and angel investing feeds that provide you with market intelligence and early insights into industry trends.




VisionMine lifecycle

Corporations need to be innovative to remain competitive and to survive. At the same time, there is significant innovation originating at early-stage companies outside of your organization. Your teams need to have effective ways to quickly find and leverage the innovation in these early-stage companies.  VisionMine’s Open Innovation Portal provides you with access to these innovations, and supports you at every stage of the Open Innovation management process.


Key business challenges are posted on the portal, ensuring that innovators and problem-solvers across your company are aware of the challenges.  Once challenges are posted, we work with your business teams to identify technologies in start-ups that can solve those business challenges.

VisionMine provides insight to emerging trends and influence over the early development of new products. In some cases, this includes exclusive access to use of the product over a defined period.

VisionMine has access to numerous seed and angel investing sources, industry events, and technology meet-ups as well as solicited entrepreneur applications. Our team of experts has extensive experience in angel investing and working with entrepreneurial startups. The team also has a track record of successfully implementing new technologies globally.

Engaging with Early Stage Companies

It’s not enough to just find the interesting technologies.  Rather, it’s of critical importance to understand how the organization can most effectively engage with early stage companies.

This includes implementing solutions using quick proof-of-concept trials that test the feasibility of a solution before requiring the startup to go through the complex requisitioning process that so many enterprises have.

If you have an Innovation Lab, the VisionMine team can work with the Lab to facilitate the testing process.  We encourage using a quick trial in the lab, where the business unit leaders can observe the benefits of the solution, and then determine how best to implement it in their unit.

To understand more about the overall process, see How It Works.


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