VisionMine Launches Global Collaboration Platform to Provide Corporations with Early Access to Startup Companies and Innovations

Englewood, NJ (November 15, 2012) – VisionMine, [] a company that helps corporations capitalize on startup innovations, launched its web-based Innovation Portal today. The portal is a global collaboration platform that helps corporations find, screen, and match untapped entrepreneurial opportunities to solve their most pressing business challenges. The portal also provides executives with early insight to market trends and emerging solutions critical to a corporation’s growth.

Through its cloud-based, SaaS subscription model, VisionMine’s Innovation Portal enables corporations to create efficient, cost-effective ways to access startups and early stage technologies. Corporations can then engage with startups that have products, services and technologies that solve problems and provide competitive advantage.

“Large corporations need a way to gain insight into emerging industry trends, minimize information overload, and directly impact the development of new products, services and technologies related to their core business models,” said Larry Blakeman, a financial services expert and former SVP and CIO – US Business of MetLife.

Coley Brown, VisionMine’s co-founder and CEO noted, “For over 30 years, I’ve managed the implementation of complex technology initiatives for clients. I’ve seen first-hand the challenges they face in identifying and evaluating external innovation opportunities that complement their existing business models.

VisionMine’s Innovation Portal solves this dilemma and significantly simplifies the innovation adoption process.” Ellen Weber, co-founder and COO adds “Vision Mine can be quickly deployed across business units and geographic boundaries, making it easier for global companies to initiate innovation programs and solutions.”

The Innovation Portal is driven by VisionMine’s expert team, comprised of successful investors, entrepreneurs and technologists. This team works closely with clients to find and engage entrepreneurs while helping corporations avoid pitfalls associated with engaging with startup companies. The VisionMine team has a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including innovation at universities, incubators, accelerators, and extensive industry sources to connect corporations with appropriate technologies.

Press Contact:
Coley Brown CEO, Co-Founder
(201) 747-5776

About VisionMine
VisionMine [] helps corporations capitalize on startup innovations that drive real, bottom-line results. VisionMine’s Innovation Portal includes a global collaboration platform and associated services that find, screen, and match untapped entrepreneurial opportunities with clients’ most pressing business challenges. Offered as a cloud-based, SaaS subscription service, VisionMine’s Innovation Portal requires no additional hardware or software and has been successfully deployed internationally.